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Energetic Spray SILVER
Argentum Potabile – the liquid silver of alchemists. After years of experimenting with ancient alchemistic techniques, we were successful in creating this wonderful essence.
Its aroma is harmonic and mysterious. And together with a Rock Crystal it has been aligned with the vibrations of the Moon. It soothes and harmonizes!
Simply spray into the room and immediately feel the unique effects.
Especially in foreign spaces like offices, hotel rooms, workshop- and conference spaces, it will balance and calm the atmosphere.
Use it to free yourself of the burdens and stresses of daily living and to calm down. Before going to bed, simply spray on your pillow and you will immediately feel the relaxing effect. It helps you too easily Fall asleep and gives you peaceful dreams.
This energetic Silver – Spray is a combination of pure essential oils and spagyric plant essences in connection with a real Rock Crystal. But what makes it so special is the liquid Silver - Argentum Potabile – which has been produced through an alchemistic process.
Silver is calming and dissolves disharmony, it brings forth inner joy and serenity.
Creates Harmony and soothes Spirit and Soul.   
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