Spagyric Medicines - 78 specfics


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These medicines are made in Germany according to spagyric method after Krauss and Zimpel well described in German homeopathic pharmacopoeia (GHP).

Spagyric  remedies are 9 in Group, OF THREE PRINCIPAL AND SIX ARE SPECIAL, ALL of them intended for internal and externally use simultaneously. Many of these remedies have two or three homonyms or complements producing the same effect but acting more or less rapidly or more or less efficaciously accordingly to the constitution.

These medicines registered in Germany without indication. The names of the remedies are as follow.

10 Groups of the Combination
A3 C17F2 L2 W2 P9 V5 S12 E6 T2

S series remedies, act on the scrofulous disorders and the metabolism

L series remedies act on both systems of lymph, and blood especially the white

A series remedies, which act on the blood vessels the arteries and the veins, and the
circulatory system.

C series remedies, act on cellular construction and the chronic degeneration of Lymph.

F series remedies, act on the fevers and all types of intermittent diseases, as well as disorders of the spleen and liver

W series remedies act on the intestines, but also on the other parts of our organism, and
then also destroy all worms.

P series remedies, act on the respiratory system and bronchial tubes.

V series remedies have a general constitutional effects


Rohnd Fluid - is an arterial and nerve stimulant. This increases the vitality of the body.

Capsella Fluid - has tonic effects on the circulatory system, when used in a diluted forms it calms the organs which is over stimulanted.

Populus Fluid - promotes venous system and helps with chronic diseases and arthritic

Sambucus Fluid - relaxes muscular or nervous tension, diminishing organic function and

Viscum Fluid - exerts a gentle, calming influence over the nervous system.

Aloe - has uses as laxative

Synthesis - has use a tonic suited for a state of general degeneration of the humours and
tissues, as well as after treatment of serious illness.

Skin Water –a skin water for keeps the skin fresh and smooth as cosmetic effect
These fluids maybe employed, according to disease, pure or diluted, internally or externally


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