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About us


In an ever more hectic world, it’s a good thing that some things never change: especially good things. Here at WSHO UK., we are strict believers in the principles and timeless truths of “Spagyric wisdom”. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing natural remedies made from the finest quality spagyric products—herbs carefully harvested and processed in accordance with the practices of sustainable agriculture.

We strive to formulate herbal remedies of the utmost quality and integrity—remedies rooted in the traditions of spagyric and supported by the latest scientific research and medical findings. For people from all walks of life, from health-care professionals to everyday folk, this attention to quality makes WSHO UK far and away the company of choice when it comes to Spagyric products. It is because we pay such strict attention to the fine points of our Germany  company WHO MAKES SPAGYRIC Medicine since over 100 years and supply them with most of the spagyric medicine they use—a ringing endorsement of the high quality and effectiveness of our products.

We love what we do and it shows. Ours is an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality. Hence our motto: Quality – Conscientiously Achieved, We understand what’s at stake in the quest for good health. For us, knowledge and education are extremely important. Thus our other defining motto: Rediscover the Spagyric Wisdom.

We offer following Program

  1. Spagyric Medicine Courses to the New and qualified practitioners. 
  2. Spagyric Medicine  
  3. Spagyric Cosmetics

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