Product no.: Crystals Creams

Spagyric Face Creams with alchemical Plant- and CRYSTALS Essences
Spagyrical work means above all to fully understand the life rhythm of plants, to recognise their strengths and to transform them in such a way, that they can serve as life force harmonizing and relaxing the human body.
Herbs and blossoms are picked by hand, then dried and processed with utmost care - without the use of machines.
Those valuable plant oils and precious essential oils are the base for our creams. In this way they can unfold their regenerative power to the full, having a cell stimulating effect.
The same large-scale production is necessary for our spagyric Plant- and Gemstone Essences. Through this timely process the subtler energies and vibrations of the plants and minerals are set free and incorporated into our cosmetic.
Mankind’s longing for close-to-nature experience and natural harmony and beauty, is fulfilled by this old tradition, which demonstrates the transformation and application of nature forces.
Out of ancient wisdom treasures and modern realizations new cosmetic products have emerged.
A Seven-Care-Series is now in place fused with plants and gemstones and according to the traditional alchemistic way set into relation to the different planets.