Food supplements

Food supplements

Food supplements


Your number one choice for natural supplements and health foods made in the UK!

We are proud suppliers of high quality health foods, organic products, food supplements, herbal formulations, meal replacements and proteins shakes to customers across the world, at the best possible prices. Trading since 2006, we are a company you can trust! Our products are manufactured in the UK, under quality-assured GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, which means that quality is assured. Our philosophy is that 'your health is your responsibility', so take a positive step towards a healthier life with us today!

We produce these supplements with collaboration with leading UK manufacturer under the name of NATURES REMEDIES. 

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CONSTIfree - high fibre colon cleanser - 180G

Product no.: CONSTIfree

£9.99 *
You save 23 %

DIGESTIVEaid - plant digestive enzymes

Product no.: DIGESTIVEaid

£11.75 *

GreeNourish Complete - organic green shake

Product no.: GreeNourish

£18.90 *

HempPRO - hemp protein powder

Product no.: HempPRO

£12.60 *
You save 14 %

L-Glutamine - amino acid powder

Product no.: L-Glutamine

£9.49 *
You save 21 %

MaxNourish - organic superfood capsules

Product no.: MaxNourish

£14.15 *

NaturaC - food form vitamin C 60 -VEGE CAP

Product no.: NaturaC

£9.90 *
You save 17 %

MEALtime - dairy-free meal replacement shake

Product no.: MEALtime

£11.99 *
You save 14 %

MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour) - meal replacement

Product no.: MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour)

£11.99 *
You save 14 %


Product no.: 170078

£929.26 / pack(s) *
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